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Our Services

Your business our solutions

Product Assessment

Choosing the right product for your needs is time consuming and costly. We make product assessment easy and low cost for you.

Product Differentiation

All business need a competitive edge to be successful in the market. We help you find and implement your differentiation in the market.

Product Testing

Everybody wants to test before using a product. We will provide you the products you want to test free of charge when and wherever needed.


Storage is costly and takes up space. We will handle all your storage needs for our products and make sure availability 7/24.

Regulatory Support

Some applications require strict adherence to regulations and proof of adherence. We are always ready to provide you all support and documentation required for our products.


We only work with partners who are able to provide you certifications you and your customers may require.


“We are working in a commodity market and needed to differentiate our products. Bultarda offered us a quick and spot on solution, helped with the testing and approval processes very efficiently. Now we know our competitive edge in the market.”



Ready to find out more?

There is much more we can't write on this page. Let us reach out to you and present our portfolio of solutions. We are looking forward to working for your business.

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